DSGN 360

Thomas Lowry

My name is Thomas Lowry, I grew up in Renton, Washington. I’ve been living in Bellingham for six years and will be moving back down south July of this year. I’m looking forward to learning how to do some web design, my older brother is always telling me to learn how to code and here I am. Probably my favorite thing to do is play kendama (pictured above). Kendama is a japanese skill toy that is very similar to a ball and cup toy. I’ve been playing kendama for over 7 years and probably won’t stop until I physically cannot any longer. Kendama is a game of practice, patience, and believing that success will come as long as you don’t give up. For a couple years now I’ve been sponsored by a company called “Dye Happy” for playing kendama. In the Fall the company flew me out to Minnesota to compete at the biggest kendama event/competition in the US. I could talk about kendama for an eternity so I’ll end it here.