Archer Lawrence

DSGN 360

Winter 2020

hi im archer, im from Seattle and im doing design at Western. i move around a lot between mediums, but ive done videography for the longest, and i still do music videos occasionally. animation and graphics have been my focus more recently but we will see where i end up, could be video game design. the real dream would be to start my own maker space and consignment store combo in Seattle with a few friends. own and grow that for a few years, and then go to architecture school. my best friend since kindergarten (10/10 friend) is in the construction management program at wsu, so after getting my degree we would make 100% sustainable high end homes. all brutalist with lots of glass, we already agreed on it. in high school he and i ran a djing company that sold merch we designed, and he was actually the guy that introduced me to videography. anyways, thats goals, i love design just like you and want to keep doing it for the the rest of my life