Aidan Koenig

Design 360

Winter 2020

image inspire


Im in my junior year at Western. I am very excited to get on with my life. Currently I am into playing the bass and am learning guitar too (looking for people to play music with, hit me up), and working on my car (a pos 1965 VW beetle), which may have been a bad purchase.
I hope this course can prepare me to become a great front end dev, so I can make +$100k a year. I hear tech companies are a bitch to work with… So I may just stick with Design. Anyone want to start a firm with me?

On a note about my vehicle, I have been cutting out rusty bits for the past 3 months and welding in new pieces. Let me just say that auto body specialists deserve what they get paid… And if anyone has a warm, ventilated space that I can paint the thing when I’m done, please let me know (beers on me).