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Power your devises with this lightweight and slim 5-Watt monocrystalline solar power panel. Equipped with powerful powerbank for an easy energy storage solution. Two flexible foldable panels allow for easy and convenient portability.

Comes with a USB cable
One-year limited warranty

79.95 USD

LLUM case
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We created a sturdy waterproof case to store your llum solar panel. Hard shell keeps the walls protected from shocks and drops. The case has an additional compartment to store complimentary parts.

Color: Purple

29.95 USD

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The llum hat is a great way to stay protected from the sun on hot days and is always a fun accessory to add to your gear. Make the llum hat a part of your busy day and outdoor adventures.

Color: Teal
Material: 100% Wool, Woven

11.95 USD