nathan cutter

D360 — Digital Media Design // Winter 2020

Howdy there. I'm Nate and as you can see, I have a passion. I'm currently a Design student studying at Western Washington University. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with that degree exactly yet but, eh, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. It kinda consumes my life during the school year, but I also find time for some sports. As well as being a student I am also the team captain of the Men's Water Polo Club on campus and the Coach of both the Men's and Women's Clubs teams. That's kinda my entire identity as of now outside of roommates and friends. In my free time I mostly nap because I don't really sleep that much at night #insomniagang, but I also try to read and draw and follow some of my other interests in between snoozin'. This is my Sandbox, welcome to the result of about two years of Design studies.